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Hi there and thank you for visiting my profile page.

I'm an internet business developer and online business coach. I have an extensive knowledge and hands on experience on website development.

Through my online journey I have collected enough information to keep me in the industry and I have also assisted several entrepreneurs to build their own online businesses.

Today, as one of my projects, I own and operate a unique manual traffic exchange where you can receive unlimited and guaranteed free website traffic. I've been studying traffic exchanges for years on how they work and deliver results. My traffic exchange (InstantXchange) is the result of this extensive research.


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rajesh12: Manaslu Circuit is a popular tea trek in Nepal. Join with NepalEcoAdventure to enjoy the fun.
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elis43: HI, I appreciate your generosity, nevertheless would like to know the reason why you assigned 4294966481 Credits to my Blaster Guru Capture Page Thanks. (TM ID 4089)
Sep, 26 12:11pm
ghani: I'm new in this website please help me
Aug, 13 9:43am
lauraj1: Thanks for the info and have a great day Laura
Aug, 5 3:12pm
valyman: indeed Dilmar.Many TE`s have now Clicktrackprofit Badges and it would definitely make members already in Clicktrackprofit be more active here in order to get badges
Jul, 10 12:22pm
mpbadura: So any plans on getting clicktrackprofit badges? we are sending lots of members to your TE and would be awesome to get more
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enoughhomeless: Did you read the article that I wrote about the article about the county fairs in the article I promoted instantXchange.
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enoughhomeless: Greetings I sent you an e.mail. please respond.
Mar, 15 11:24am
denderle: Please check out our special Black Friday Deals on your account
Nov, 24 7:50pm
Nov, 13 3:51pm
markukbb: I hope you dont mind be following you.
Oct, 24 6:09pm
lizabeth09: Hi Dilmar, just wanted to let you know something is wrong with the site today, it is moving very slow, and taking up to 20 seconds for the pages to load. It makes it hard to surf.
Sep, 10 6:35am
bucksman: Hi Dilmar .Not sure how this message is going but here is the link .So sorry but a message under 400 characters is hard so here is the link here Hope it all gets to you so you can understand it Lol Peter Kerekere
Aug, 31 7:48pm
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Aug, 31 7:47pm
judepalanivel: hi, help me to xchange my virtapay into real cash please
Aug, 27 1:46am
bucksman: Hi Denderle I got it sorted thank you Denicker told me what to do Thank you
Aug, 15 8:14pm
bucksman: I am getting credits deducted as I surf Enderle could you do something to stop it pleas and I would love an answer from you
Aug, 15 6:09am
bucksman: Hi I found my missing credits I assigned them all to my two sites must have been 50,000 in each site Was supposed to be 10,000 in each site What a mistake guess I'll have to surf harder to get back the credits Bugger
Aug, 15 5:26am
lizabeth09: Hi Denderle, how are you, just wanted to report someone who is using surfing software, she even tried to get me to buy it and I told her I wasn't a cheater, Her name is Beowulf, (Tony). Now I'm usually in the top ten every week, but this week I refused to be in the top ten with a cheater. She is using a surfing Bot.
Aug, 13 5:01pm
Aug, 10 1:47pm
lizabeth09: Thank you
Aug, 9 11:16am
lizabeth09: No, and I've been checking my email everyday.
Aug, 9 10:41am
lizabeth09: I did that numerous times, I put in my new email, and clicked on Save, and it still keeps going back too my old email address.
Aug, 8 6:38pm
lizabeth09: Hi Dilmar, I have been trying to change my email, in my personal information, I know I gave you my new email address, but I'm not getting any emails. I put in my new email address and clicked save changes, but it goes right back to my old email address.
Aug, 7 12:20pm
lizabeth09: Just wanted to let you know that the icons aren't loading properly.
Jul, 9 5:57am
ins199: ok thank, may be i have being overlooked about them
Jun, 22 12:21am
ins199: I think better for your instantxchange members, if you can bring the site to the surfing system, the commandor and TE Browser?
Jun, 17 10:09pm
lizabeth09: Hi Dilmar how r u ? I'm emailing you because I cashed out on the 7th of this month and still have not received payment yet. Is there a problem? please email me at or send me PM. Thank you
Jun, 14 3:59pm
ingaoz: okies, ty
Jun, 10 2:56pm
ingaoz: I have not receive an email about weekend promo... is there an info about it somewhere on the site?
Jun, 8 7:00am
denderle: Weekend promo available. Please check your email for details!
Jun, 7 12:36pm
antbella811: Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in /home/instantx/public_html/include/mysql.php on line 27
May, 28 1:08pm
denderle: It's time for the second day of Surf Promo. Surf 300 sites for a chance of receiving cash prizes!!! Ends today (Sunday)
May, 26 1:56am
alissa007: Hi Admin you have a very well organized site where everything is clear,I like the idea works " Collect sets of 3 animals to receive bonus credits." , thank you
May, 14 2:34pm
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