Privacy Policy

Please read before joining, surfing or making any purchase.

Information we collect: We accumulate and store all user inputted information as well as your IP address browser information and date of the record upon registration.

Account security: User information such as your email or PayPal account will never be revealed or shared.

3rd party privacy: For the privacy acts of 3rd party links to other sites which may include banner, popup and website links as well as general advertising links that may be displayed all throughout the website we do not take responsibility for any losses, you are viewing advertisements and websites under your own will and risk.

Payment Security: When making a payment to you will be using a third-party payment processing company. We do NOT have any control over the information you provide to them to process payments. They have their own layer of security to process payments so you can be really safe when purchasing from

Cookies: We do make use of cookies. You must have a javascript enabled browser in order for the website to function normally.

Support: In order to assist you, we may ask you to provide your Username, Date of Birth, Email Address and/or any other information associated with your account. If we don't have the right information or if it does NOT match with your account we may deny assistance.

You may receive emails from time to time regarding your membership, updates, promotions or new features available.

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